Asset Management

Our highly experienced investment managers with proven track records, supported by a talented pool of highly qualified researchers are able to offer investment management in a wide range of asset classes including private equity; listed equities; strategic investments in privatizations; real estate; and hard and soft infrastructure developments. We have established all the necessary structures to deal with such investments both on discretionary and mandated platforms.

Discretionary Funds

With our fund structures established both internationally (Luxembourg and Liechtenstein) and domestically (through our Vietnamese Asset Management subsidiary, Pavo Capital Asset Management JSC) we are able to offer investment management services and products over a diverse range of asset classes. We are particularly focused on privatization of SOEs and have structured a number of our funds targeting such opportunities.

Mandated Funds

In the mandated structure, our team of investment experts will first evaluate your risk profile, investment needs and objectives and devise the appropriate investment strategy and process to match the parameters. Upon execution, there will be regular updates and portfolio monitoring through a carefully mapped out system of portfolio reporting.