About Us

Pavo Capital Group is a globally integrated financial services group. Founded in Switzerland, with offices in Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Vietnam, it is a privately-owned group that brings together expertise that spans different geographies, bridges generations, creed, religion and nationalities. It is premised on the intent to seek out and optimise investment opportunities in choice markets and asset classes.

Pavo Capital Group is committed to building its business on a bedrock of trust, holding itself to the highest global standards. It serves investors with a combination of local expertise and global perspectives, providing them with unique opportunities to unlock value across a range of investments.

Subsidiaries have been incorporated to spearhead our investment platforms for discretionary and mandated funds and corporate finance/advisory services.

Pavo Capital Group has a team of 32 highly qualified professionals fully dedicated to the careful evaluation, execution and completion of all potential investments.

Pavo Capital.