About Us

Pavo Capital is a financial services group. It’s principal entities are Pavo Capital AG, which is incorporated in Zug, Switzerland, and Pavo Capital Asset Management JSC, incorporated in Vietnam, with an asset management license issued by the State Securities Commision of Vietnam. The privately-owned group brings together expertise that spans different geographies and nationalities. It is premised on the intent to bring the investment world closer between Europe and Asia, particularly the Greater Mekong region.

Pavo Capital is committed to building its businesses anchored on the linchpin of trust from our investors, steeped in local knowledge yet steadfast to global standards, innovative yet responsive in unlocking values of its investments.

Appropriate entities have been incorporated to facilitate our investment platforms and services.

Pavo Capital has a core team of 6 professionals based in Vietnam, fully dedicated to the careful evaluation, securement, execution and completion of all potential investment opportunities.

Meaning of PAVO

“Pavo” in Latin means Peacock. Pavo is a magnificent bird and possesses some of the most admired human qualities and traits. It epitomizes the attributes of perfection and excellence, qualities which we embrace in our endeavor to give our best for our investors.

A peacock feather is fractal in nature. Its iridescent plumage exudes stunning beauty, virtue, and purity. The intricate bright spots on its tail feathers or ‘eyes’ when fully fanned exudes a tower of uprightness, focus and absolute splendor reinforced by the spectacular crest sitting royally on the top of its head – truly a picture of absolute harmony.

The Pavo is often associated with immortality and constant self renewal as demonstrated by the replacement of its feathers every year.

Our Logo

Our logo is the embodiment of all things great in the Pavo. Its regal crest is set against the background of the 8 most outstanding virtues of HARMONY, EXCELLENCE, INTEGRITY, TRUST, FOCUS, PERFORMANCE, GROWTH, and SUSTAINABILITY all carefully and delicately intertwined in a holistic network.


Pavo Capital.